What I do to avoid workout plateaus

Ever feel like you are logging 6 day gym weeks, eating clean and still not seeing results? We’ve all been there and it can be extremely frustrating to not see results when you are working hard. If you continue to do the same workout day in and day out- your body gets used to it pretty quickly. Over time, your body plateaus, weight loss stalls, you get bored and you need to get out of the rut to start seeing results. Here are a few tips I incorporate to bust out of that workout plateau and see results-

  • Give your body adequate time between sessions to rest, recuperate and recover. Rest days are important.
  • Increase your intake of healthy fats. Try and mash 1/2 an avocado into your salad, eat eggs with the yolk and cook with coconut oil or grass fed butter (#ghee) . Your body needs fat to synthesise hormones, heal and repair itself.
  • Instead of spending hours on the cross trainer or treadmill. Try 10 minutes of #hiit instead. High intensity interval training is more effective because it is quick bursts of activity followed by recovery to get your heart rate down. you no longer need to spend 40 minutes on the cardio machines and done correctly, it can yield really good results.
  • If you absolutely love cardio, incorporate it into your routine post weight training. Wherever possible, try and do cardio in a fasted state.
  • Experiment with #intermittentfasting and try and eat during an 8 hour window and fast for 16 hours. Done correctly, this restores hormone levels, balances blood sugar and enables #autophagy . It is particularly effective at reversing #autoimmunedisease as well.
  • Don’t sweat a missed workout. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol that leads to accumulation of fat around the middle.
  • Try and make #bulletproof coffee a part of your morning ritual. Head over to @bulletproofcoffee @dave.asprey for tips on how to make this yummy caffeinated concoction. I wrote about my experience with bulletproof coffee here
  • Try and get at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Your body works tirelessly to repair muscles when you are resting and if you train consistently but don’t get enough zzz’s, chances are you aren’t seeing results. Try sticking to a regular bedtime routine and incorporate some meditation or yoga nidra to facilitate relaxation and improved sleep.
  • Try and get someone to help you with foam rollers on your rest days to alleviate soreness or book yourself a deep tissue massage at the spa every fortnight.
  • If you have access to multiple classes on your gym plan- try and cross train a few times a week. Do pilates one day and kickboxing the other and make sure to do some heavy lifting too. This way you are working different muscle groups and it keeps your body guessing. I find cross training is a great way to tone up fast and break out of a plateau.
  • Buddy up. A lot of us don’t always have the motivation to wake up at 6 am to train, run or swim. Having a buddy to train with makes it easier for you to stick to a regimen and follow it consistently. The buddy can help motivate you to work harder to achieve your goals but working out with a partner is always more fun than working out by yourself.
  • Make a fun workout playlist
    If working out to music in your gym isn’t motivating enough, spend some time over the weekend making a playlist on Apple Radio or Soundcloud so you can take your workout up by a few notches. I find that the right playlist can help you get into the groove so you maximise your time in the gym.

Have a great week, lovelies!
Thanks for reading!

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