We asked our team “What will your ideal date with YOURSELF be?”

There’s nothing sweeter than learning to love your own, beautiful self! We’re strong, independent, wild and brave–the perfect partner for an AMAZING valentine date.

Weather its dancing around the house with reckless abandon or treating yourself to the finest, we are most certainly deserving of everything we desire. We absolutely, irrevocably ARE.

So this Valentines, we asked our team a simple, self-loving question “What will your ideal date with YOURSELF be?”


Sanaa, Founder

Breakfast in bed. Bacon and coffee and bagels. Sunhat, sunscreen, sunshine and a great book. A pool to dip my feet in. And some cashews dipped in chocolate.

Robin, Instructor

Peaceful place with good company and good coffee

Radhika Jindal, Instructor

Fine food followed by dessert. A 5 course meal on an open terrace facing something historical for sure! The ambience is quiet and calm when the waiter brings in some great wine and better food.

Phalasha, Marketing & Studio Manager

A day trip to a small, wintery English town. I’ll stroll around and explore and ultimately stumble upon a quaint, cosy cafe where I sip on some coffee, doodle and of course chat with (cute) strangers!

Mana, Creative Head

Cooking at home—bare feet—Netflix in the background. Donuts and a delicious coffee for dessert.

Vithika, Instructor

The house to myself, a cozy bed, pyjamas, a large pizza, nutella and a cup of hot coffee. The ideal date would be topped off with a romantic comedy movie marathon!

Sukhmani, Figure4 Instructor

Massage on the beach with some good music and coconut water


Recklessly love yourself this Feb and every single day of your life! What is your ideal date with yourself?

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