This Common Drug Makes Working Out Easier and Fun!

If you’ve spent more than hour with me, you would have probably seen/heard me
1. Talking about coffee
2. Sipping coffee
3. Dreaming about my next coffee…

While some might cite the negatives – poor sleep, headaches – caffeine actually offers quite a few benefits, too, particularly when it comes to exercise, it turns out.

Caffeine makes you more alert, focused, and, as any morning-latte addict will attest, it gives you a serious energy boost. But few realize how it can boost your workouts, too.

While it might seem that sipping water is your best bet, a pre-workout latte does not only not affect your hydration status, but helps you feel more alert, so you can push through your workout more easily than you otherwise would.

What’s the logic? Caffeine acts as a distraction for your brain, thus disrupting the pain signal your body sends to your brain while working out, so you feel better during and after your workout, and you’re able to exercise harder.


When should you drink it?

Drink your coffee 30 to 90 minutes before working out. Since caffeine’s effects usually peak 45 to 60 minutes after hitting your bloodstream, this will allow you to reap the caffeine’s energizing effects just as you’re warming up.

Is it for everyone?

Of course, there are a few factors that will keep caffeine from being a total fitness hit. Bear in mind that you might not have a huge tolerance for caffeine if you don’t consume it regularly, so slamming a latte before your next weight training class might instead have the opposite effect of making you feel shaky or just off.

Also, you might have to change your pre-workout meal, as well. Consuming carbohydrates with caffeine can blunt the effects. Instead, try snacking on hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, or nuts.

While no one can say that it’s the magic formula for a killer workout, you should feel free to grab a cup of Joe before hitting the gym if you wish.

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