The thing you need to read to not hate your body

Ever read those new trending articles claiming you’re work in progress? Hell No!
You’re a masterpiece. An original. Goofy, funny, wrinkles, dark cirlces, thats all you. And me.

Well I started with some mental housecleaning this week, and found a whole lotta crap I need to put in the dumpster. Things I think the moment I wake up, or when I suck in my stomach for a photo. Those are some nasty things.

So instead, I wrote down a few things I’d want to say to myself, every morning.

My skin isn’t perfectly smooth. I still have the scars from when I suffered from eczema. I don’t have a flat stomach. My butt doesn’t stand up by itself. I’ve got lines, fat, skin – HELL, A NORMAL HUMAN BODY. My natural body in its natural state deserves to be loved, forgiven and care for when its being flexed or angled to “look better”. I refuse to believe that I look better in yellow lighting, from a certain angle, flexing some, sucking in some.

I love my body as is. Because it’s mine. How else can i explain this to myself? It’s my damn privilege to love my body.

Your body is so beautiful. Big or small. Muscular or not. Don’t go running after a “perfect” body that social media or society creates. It doesn’t exist. Your body is worthy, gorgeous, warm and living. Be grateful for that.

Self love isn’t easy. It’s definitely easier to say than do. But it’s worth it, and it does becomes easier everyday.
You are gorgeous. And kind. And entitled to a beautiful body which is unique to you.
So hold on to the opportunity to love it the best you can, every single day!

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