Does Muscle Really Weigh More Than Fat?

If you’ve just started working out, or have been working out for a while, but are subjected to a stuck up needle on the weighing scale, you’re not alone!

Both cardio exercises like Zumba and Resistance training build more muscle and reduce fat. So just because the tiny numbers on the scale don’t move, doesn’t mean all that exercise is going to waste.

MUSCLE VS. FAT – The Truth Behind the Myth

Ever heard a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat? Uh, hello! No! A pound is a pound (of muscle, fat, jello, get the point). But because a pound of fat takes four times the space than a pound of muscle tissue, its possible to look and feel thinner and fitter even if your weight is the same.

Another bonus to adding more muscle to your frame? Not only will your body be stronger, more compact and tighter, but regular weight training helps prevent muscle loss that often occurs while losing weight with calorie restriction. And, muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat. Slightly so, but if it does burn calories just by sitting in your body, then hey I’m not complaining!


Then there’s the fat. While it usually gets a bad rap and too much of it can lead to serious heart problems like strokes and diabetes, we do need an adequate amount of it to stay healthy. A beneficial amount of body fat is a good thing, since it helps our body function, regulates our body temperature, serves as our extra energy stores and even cushions our organs and tissues.

Accepting the body’s need for both muscle and fat is important in maintaining overall health and fueling an active lifestyle


While the actual number of pounds might not waver after starting an exercise routine, the ratio of muscle to fat may be increasing, contributing to better health and improved overall fitness. So ladies, leave the weighing scale only for Airport Baggage limits, and start loving your body already!

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