How To Make Working Out a Habit

Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button and sleeping past your workout? Maybe the excitement of the New Year has faded & you find that the motivation to workout is gone?

To help you resist said motivation-slump and get in a solid sweat session, we’ve rounded up ways to get yourself back on track! Whether you’re just starting out or trying to get the best results from your current routine, these tips can help you make sweating a habit:

» Buddy-up!

Find yourself a workout buddy. A great workout partner can motivate you, keep you accountable, push you harder and make your fitness journey a whole lot fun.

» Join a Group Fitness Class

Group fitness classes are another great way to keep you motivated. The energy of a group will keep you going, even when you’re just shy of quitting. Having people stand behind you, yelling and jumping when you’re stuck at the bottom of a heavy squat or struggling to finish the next fitness sequence is the best motivator ever!

» Do it for the pictures

It’s easy to get dragged down by the numbers on the scale and ignore how good you’re feeling or looking. Try tracking your progress by creating your personal fitness journal with pictures. Photos can document the changes in your body that you may not otherwise notice — and that is a great way to boost motivator!

» Go Smart

With countless apps and fitness trackers flooding the market, instant motivation is just a tap away. Visually tracking your steps and seeing how close you are to your goal acts as a great push when you’re almost ready to throw in the towel.

» Set Microgoals

Break your long terms goals into smaller, manageable goals. Mini accomplishments like running an extra mile, giving up soda or staying in your calorie range for as many days as possible help you get closer to your final goal much quicker. Don’t forget to celebrate these new achievements to stay inspired!

» Record your workouts

Grab a journal and keep tabs of your workouts, food and other fitness milestones. Just being able to see in print that all your hard work has paid off can be the motivator you need to keep you working out on a regular basis.

Don’t feel you need to make all of these suggestions into habits all at once, but they can be a great way to get started.

Sanaa xx

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