Eat your way to Bed – Food & Sleep

The connection between food and sleep has been studied for ages. While some foods help us stay awake till the wee hours, others offer a great way to stimulate a good snooze!

And if you’re planning to sleep on a full stomach, right after a meal or an empty growling tummy, be prepared for some nasty nightmares and uneasiness. Read on for a list of awesome, easy-to-include in your diet, sleep-inducing foods…

1. Carb-it-up!

Ditch white breads and white rice for high fiber complex carbs like whole-wheat pastas, rotis and brown rice for dinner. By taking a longer time to digest, these foods act as a stimulator of the sleep inducing neurotransmitter serotonin and thus, make for a good meal before bed.

2. Get Fruity

Get fruity before bed by adding some apricots, cherries and bananas to your snack routine. Packed with natural melatonin, cherries could be the topping to end the day. Whereas, bananas and apricots, both rich in fiber and calming compounds, work as sleep inducers as well.

3. Go Herbal

Sipping some chamomile, passion fruit tea or peppermint tea, an hour before bed could help you get some restful sleep. By relaxing both, your muscles and your mind, they send you into deep ZZZ’s.

4. The Milk-y Way

Calcium is a wonder nutrient that is sleep inducing in nature. So simply consuming a cup of milk sometime post dinner, could help you get sounder sleep.

5. Some Hummus Please?

Say hello to good slumber with hummus! Bursting with B6, a few tablespoons of hummus with whole-wheat pita, gives you just about the right amount of calories and protein to help you doze off.

6. Honey Baby

Having a little bit of honey before bed helps in the release of sleep hormones and also works wonders to internally cleanse and soften skin. I bet, Sleeping Beauty took an overdose of honey right before bed.

7. Nutty Buddy

Who knew these little things could do so much to regulate our body clock? Walnuts with their sleep enhancing amino acids help you doze off, while, almonds work to improve the quality of your sleep.

8. Let us have some Lettuce

Adding some lettuce in your salad or starters at dinner time, could send you into sound slumber with its magical sedative properties, which are often compared to those of opium. Didn’t know that did you?

9. Basil and Sage

Topping your dinner with herbs like basil and sage can help you get better sleep by inducing a calming and stress relieving effect on your body and mind. Go Herbal!

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